Via Nerino 3
20123 Milan – Italy
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Tuesday > Friday | 10.30 > 18.00

Archivio Alberto Biasi

MAAB Gallery was founded in Padua in 2009 by Michael Biasi. In 2013 the gallery opened a new exhibition space in the centre of Milan.
From the very start, the work of rediscovering important artists on the European historical-artistic panorama, those active from the 1950s and 1960s, was backed by an interest in the constant evolutions of contemporary international art language. With the aim of showing a continuity between past and present, and of interweaving diverse expressive languages and media, masters of the second half of the twentieth century such as Bruno Munari, Arman e Jiří Kolář, were alternated with young emergent and mid-career artists including Alain Urrutia, Susanne Kutter and Franck Scurti.

Particular care is given to technical considerations: each show is backed by a catalogue that tells, through images, documents and the words of an art critic, the art language of the artist.
MAAB Gallery administers the Archivio Alberto Biasi and it’s a member of the National Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries (ANGAMC).