Win back

Diamante Faraldo

From 16 December 2016 to 16 February 2017

The MAAB gallery is pleased to present in its rooms in Via Nerino 3, Milan, a solo show by Diamante Faraldo, Win Back.

An analysis of history and a deep meditation on the evolution and concept of the West, together with an inquiry into the role of artists, are the leitmotivs of the art of Diamante Faraldo (Aversa 1962).

The series of works presented by the MAAB gallery is inspired by the figure of Orpheus, one of the topos of Western culture and the representation of the artist par excellence. Just as he who, ignoring the prohibition of the gods, looked back towards his beloved Eurydice, so the artist in the same way turns his gaze back towards the past, towards art history, in order to slowly pass every aspect of it in review.

In the same way, in his works Faraldo opposes the bombardment of images undergone by contemporary society. For this reason his sculptures are made from austere materials worked on in such a way as to cause us to lose our perception of their boundaries, and his drawings are miniaturised to force us to look at them close up and carefully.

The sculptures on show, specifically created for this exhibition, are mainly made from marble with the insertion of air chambers and, at times, from bronze, ebony, and petrol. These are noble and ancient materials, symbols of power and classicism, and are placed together, in a coherent dialogue, with the materials of today which are far more ductile and austere, the products of the industrial age. The exhibition is rounded off by some drawings made with graphite and have, in front of them, a magnifying glass that distorts the view of them.

The exhibition has a bilingual catalogue (Italian and English), with essays by Arianna Baldoni, Jacqueline Ceresoli, Angel Moya Garcia, and Gianluca Ranzi, together with a dialogue between the artist and Rosella Ghezzi.

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