Lost in the middle of the street

Susanne Kutter

From 25 June to 13 July 2018

Susanne Kutter, born in Wernigerode, Germany, in 1971 but who today lives in Berlin, is presenting a series of new works specifically conceived for the rooms of the gallery. Susanne Kutter’s video and installation work has always been centred on the mechanisms that create and deposit certainties and expectations in each of us, only then to elude them and frustrate them through small and large everyday catastrophes. By dismantling and reconsidering preconceptions, the work of this German artist also shows just how much of what we think we see is often illusory and unreal, the result of our education or fears more than being a reflection of the reality of things.

If her work is often concentrated on the domestic setting, with the construction of life-size models that then end up being undermined or completely destroyed, such as in the video Die Zuckerdose [The sugar bowl], the installation created for the MAAB Gallery transports us into an anonymous underground car park. A view of it, however, leaves space for various perceptive perplexities and for the materialisation of alienating presences that it is up to the viewer to pinpoint and that are also represented in the light-boxes that accompany this work.

So the recurrent themes in Susanne Kutter’s work seem to be to shake and subvert a state of ordered calm and to challenge the laws of logic. This happens too in the other works in the show: a whole wall of shelves on which vases and ceramics dangerously threaten the laws of physics, besides our own safety and a series of damaged paintings where broken glass and shards tell of a devastated past and of new sculptural-pictorial configurations.

The show will have a catalogue with a critical essay by Gianluca Ranzi.

Press release

Susanne Kutter