I Must Sleep, Please!

Susanne Kutter

From 9 March to 5 May 2023

Susanne Kutter’s new work, specially devised and created for the gallery’s Milan branch, evolves as a single installation around the theme of the precariousness of vision. What drives us as children to separate ourselves from the world? With what perceptive mechanisms do we distinguish the other from ourselves? And finally, how and under what circumstances can we circumvent this natural law and attempt to camouflage ourselves to the point where the traces of our presence virtually disappear?

In adulthood artistic creativity is one of these moments, in which the interplay between subject and object appears to be fused and cohesive. But it is also in the precariousness of life around us that the artist finds that primordial thread. The precarious circumstances of the homeless, the shelters they build to take refuge in, their seeing without being seen and their human condition – these allow the German artist to trace out a path from her installation that involves photography and assemblage. Here too, Kutter’s work shows a form of resistance to spectacularising or showcasing our lives, going beyond the appearance presented, subverting expectations and prompting fertile interpretative concerns that involve the observer.

Susanne Kutter’s art unveils the ambivalence of seeing and its conventions, and it does so by eluding these mechanisms; at the same time, with playful mischief and cutting irony, it reveals the true nature of architectural concepts and spatial solutions, making us realise that they are vehicles of authoritarianism or devices of control.

Through this work, the artist questions individual and collective codes of behaviour, encompassing psychological intimacy, processes of media distortion and interpretative eccentricities.

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Susanne Kutter